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PSA Campaign Sees Safe Interim On-Call Practices Formalised in DTI

PSA Campaign Sees Safe Interim On-Call Practices Formalised in DTI

The PSA has had longstanding concerns about the Work Health and Safety implications of On-Call practices in DTI with regards to adequate fatigue management. These concerns have been raised in various forums, particularly over the last two years.

In November 2018, your union met with NSW Police again around this issue and an email directive, endorsed by the CITO, was issued to all staff from the HR Team of DTI on 30 November 2018.

This directive was an important first step in recognising the entitlement to an 8-hour stand down period in DTI’s On-Call practices but confusion remained amongst members about how to authorise and record this time appropriately.

The PSA has had ongoing meetings with DTI Management over the last few months to develop a workable interim agreement that would ensure members were getting their proper entitlements.

An interim agreement between the PSA and DTI has been reached and was circulated across the Command this week. The communication indicated that the interim agreement would remain in place ‘until other aspects of our business processes associated with the revised IT Operating Model have been properly implemented’.

The PSA thanks delegates for their hard work in progressing this issue over a long period of time and is glad that NSW Police has recently put proper resourcing into developing a workable solution.

Your union will continue to monitor any issues with this interim agreement and will be involved in consultation with DTI about revisions to the IT Operating Model, including how they affect On-Call practices.

If you have any further feedback or issues with accessing an 8-hour break after call outs, please advise your delegates or the PSA.

Roland Harris
A/Industrial Officer

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