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PSA gains concessions: Australian Museum restructure update

Resctructure Update - May 2021 (PDF version)

Last week, the PSA provided your feedback to the Australian Museum regarding the restructure. On Friday 21 May 2021, the PSA met with museum representatives and gained valuable concessions.

In the below table, you can read a summary of the Australian Museum’s concessions in response to the PSA feedback.

PSA feedback

Australian Museum concession

  1. Timeframe


The allocated timeframe for consultation was insufficient to allow for PSA and staff to provide feedback, or for the Australian Museum to implement this feedback.

The Australian Museum has extended the timeframe for consultation until 31 May 2021.





  1. Concerns about the removal of Research Scientist role


PSA members are concerned this is out of line with strategic priorities. 

The Australian Museum will provide PSA with written explanation of this decision that addresses our concerns.

  1. Inadequate consultation and communication across organisation


A particular concern with line managers.

The Australian Museum agrees to invite line managers to consultation meetings about the impacts of workloads.

  1. Support for affected staff members who seek redeployment

The Australian Museum People and Culture have alerted other Cultural Institution Human Resource departments about the proposed changes. 

They are seeking vacancies for appropriate roles for impacted staff members at the same level.

The PSA considers these concessions a step in the right direction. In particular, the extended consultation period will allow other issues raised to have more time to influence the final structure. The PSA will keep advocating on behalf of its members during this extended consultation period.

We would like to acknowledge the hard work of your PSA Delegates Adria Castellucci and Hannah Smyth in advocating for PSA members during this restructure. Their hard work has helped secure these outcomes.

Your unions will continue to keep members updated as the restructure continues.

The PSA is your voice at the Australian Museum; join today at

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