PSA preparing Work Value pay claim for Special Constables - Public Service Association

PSA preparing Work Value pay claim for Special Constables

Claim - March 2020 (PDF version)

Members will be aware that your union has committed to pursuing a Work Value Pay Claim before the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW, as explained in a previous bulletin available HERE.

It is clear that NSW Police has no interest in recognising the value and importance of your work without being forced to do so in industrial proceedings. They will continue to spend significant resources on lawyers trying to block progress at every turn. Your union is committed to achieving fair pay and recognition for the work you all do and will not be taking a backward step.

A Work Value pay claim is a complex, lengthy and expensive undertaking and the decision to pursue one for Special Constables was not taken lightly. The PSA has decided to pursue this claim for Special Constables because:

(a) the claim is meritorious
(b) Special Constables are a key part of our membership; and
(c) Special Constables have shown, by their determined actions to date, that they are united behind the claim for fair pay.

We have engaged the PSA’s In-House Legal Team to pursue the claim, assisted by a Barrister. The planning process has begun with your delegates meeting with our Legal Team and Barrister last week.

What members need to do

In order to succeed in our claim, we will need to collect evidence regarding significant changes to work practices over the last few years. Members are encouraged to discuss these issues with their delegates. You need to be ready to provide detailed sworn statements regarding aspects of your work if requested.

Members will need to be patient, as the claim will take some time to be heard and decided. In the meantime, your delegates are working on plans to maintain pressure on management by keeping the issue in the public eye. We ask you to continue to support your delegates in this campaign.

If someone at your site is still not a member – have a chat to them about JOINING THE PSA. We need to all be in this together – a union workplace is a stronger workplace!

Change to Advisory Group Delegates

Alex Muirhead has decided to step back from the role of Advisory Group Delegate after a number of years in the role. The PSA would like to sincerely thank Alex on behalf of all members for the work he has put in representing your issues during this period.

The Advisory Group Delegates have accepted the nomination of Catherine Figg to fill this vacancy on a casual basis until the next elections in the first half of 2021. The PSA welcomes Catherine to the role and looks forward to working with her and other delegates over the next 12 months and beyond.

Your Special Constables Advisory Group Delegates

  • Dannie Abel
  • Tony Saraceno
  • Vince Carnevale
  • Sheraz Ghalie
  • Catherine Figg

Your PSA industrial staff

Andrew Wright Industrial Officer

Roland Harris Organiser

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