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PSA update on Resources Regulator restructure

Resources regulator update - Aug 2019 (PDF version)

On 25 July 2019 the PSA became aware of a restructure in the Resources Regulator Division that had an impact on our members. Immediately thereafter the PSA contacted the Industrial Relations Unit in order to seek a stay of proceedings on any realignment until after the PSA has an opportunity to meet with the Resources Regulator management.

On Friday 2 August 2019, during a PSA workplace meeting at Maitland, the PSA was advised the restructure had been put in place on Monday 28 July 2019.

The PSA notified the Industrial Relations Director thereby raising concerns with respect to the restructure having been put in place without any consultation with the PSA. The PSA was then informed the Resources Regulator Unit was advised it was required to engage with the PSA.

On 2 August 2019, as a result of the PSA’s intervention, the Resources Regulator management emailed staff and advised as follows:

The PSA has formally requested that the restructure I announced last week be put on hold until there has been an opportunity to discuss any concerns the PSA may have with the restructure. The parties have committed to meet next week and I will provide you with a further update following those discussions. I appreciate this is a period of change and I want to assure all staff that we will work to ensure we achieve a positive outcome moving forward.

The material impact of this is that recruitment opportunities are to be put on hold, management responsibilities remain unchanged from those prior to the announcement and essentially the “status quo” exists. Based on this agreement I want to confirm a meeting time and venue so that we can go through the issues the PSA identify.

On 5 August 2019 PSA delegates, the Resources Regulator management and the Industrial Relations Unit met to discuss the restructure and the impact it had on PSA members.

During that meeting, the PSA raised concerns with the lack of consultation and the impact that the realignment/restructure had on members including some members having lost the reporting lines.

The PSA was given an undertaking that:

  • no Role Descriptions are to change as a result of the changed organisational structure
  • the Departmental Professional Officers (PO7) maintain their managerial responsibilities
  • in the future, before changes are made, consultation will occur with the PSA if there are any further changes within the Resources Regulator.

If your role or functions have changed, please contact your local delegate or contact your union on 1300 772 679 or ">.

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