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PSA wages claim: an update

I write to advise you on the current state of play for the PSA’s wage claim of 5.2 per cent (exclusive of superannuation).

On 6 June 2022 the PSA received advice from the NSW Government (consistent with the reports in the media) that the 2022 budget will allow for a three per cent pay rise from 1 July 2022 and a potential 3.5 per cent pay rise from 1 July 2023. Both pay rises were inclusive of superannuation, which would mean a benefit of 2.53 per cent in 2022 and a pay rise of up to three per cent in 2023 if productivity and/or efficiency gains were met to allow an additional 0.5 per cent increase.

Upon receipt of this advice the Association wrote to the NSW Government seeking clarity on a number of matters. These included:

  • Why had the one-off $3000 payment offered to health workers not been extended to PSA members who had also worked tirelessly on the frontline during the pandemic as well as bushfires, floods and numerous other crisis and emergencies?
  • Was the Government seeking to remove its existing wage cap of 2.5 per cent?
  • What would be involved in obtaining the additional 0.5 per cent from 1 July 2023 and would the NSW Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) play any role in identifying productivity and efficiency savings?

The PSA has been advised by the Government that it has changed the wages cap (workplace regulation) to three per cent for 2022, three per cent in 2023 (with the ability to obtain an additional 0.5 per cent for productivity and efficiency reforms) and 2.5 per cent in 2024.

Members will be mindful that we are seeing unprecedented levels of industrial action across the NSW Public Sector. This week we have seen industrial action from NSW school cleaners, nurses and midwives, train drivers and teachers.

This chaos has been caused by the NSW Government, which removed the capacity of the IRC to operate independent of Government in setting fair and reasonable wages and conditions for workers. Not surprisingly, after 10 years of wage restraint and cuts, NSW Public Sector workers are seeking wage rises in line with the cost of living, inflation and productivity increases.

I can assure members that the PSA will continue to negotiate with the Government in a bid to resolve our current differences and deliver fair and reasonable wage rises for all members.

The PSA anticipates the NSW Government will commence proceedings in the IRC this week to force an award on members that delivers the NSW Government’s objectives outlined above.

We will continue to advise and update members as and when information comes to hand.

Yours in union,

Stewart Little
General Secretary
Public Service Association of NSW

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