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PSA Working Hard For Members during the Pandemic

Work from Home

Police have been slow to roll out work from home for suitable admin staff. At present it is likely that less than 20% of admin staff are working from home and there are many more who could. The PSA is keeping up the pressure in our meetings with senior management to speed up the roll-out and stop staff being unnecessarily brought back in to the office. If you think you should be working from home, you should make a formal application to your management using the application form on the Intranet.

Your application should demonstrate that it is practical and technologically possible for you to work from home and including any special circumstances such as medical conditions and carers’ responsibilities. If your application is rejected, or if you applied previously and were rejected, the PSA will assist you with an appeal to the Workforce Relations Command.

Social Distancing

Social distancing at work continues to be important. Members should raise any slipping of social distancing at the workplace with their colleagues and managers. This includes not staying 1.5 m from other staff and unnecessarily congregating in the office. Meetings should be by phone where possible. We all need to ensure that we continue to play our part in the national team effort to control the spread of COVID-19.

RLDs on Public Holidays

With the Easter and Anzac Day public holidays, staff need to check their rosters to ensure that public holidays have not been unreasonably rostered as RLDs. Public holidays should preferably be given free of duty. However, where this is not possible and one of your ordinary days off is rostered on that day, it makes a big difference whether that day is a Rest Day or and RLD. If it is a rest day, you can claim payment or another day off. If it is an RLD you can’t. Management can’t “manipulate the roster” to save money by putting staff on RLDs on public holidays. If you think you have been disadvantaged by having an RLD on a public holiday, contact the PSA to have the roster checked.

Members with concerns regarding safety, rosters, working from home, or any other issues are encouraged to contact their delegates or the PSA Member Support Centre.

Your PSA staff member is:

Andrew Wright – Industrial Officer
Phone: 0408 400146

A union workplace is a fairer workplace. Know a colleague who’s not yet a member? Get them to JOIN ONLINE TODAY!

Please encourage colleagues who are not yet members of the PSA to join now. In times of crisis, it is more important than ever for public sector workers to be union members.

PSA Member Support Centre 1300 772 679.


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