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Public prison announcement a win for public safety

PSA Media release:

The PSA is today celebrating its win in the fight to keep the NSW prison system in public hands.

Today’s announcement that the John Morony Correctional Centre at Windsor will remain a state run facility is a clear victory for common sense and recognition of the work and capacity of Correctional Officers said the union.

“That a Government hell bent on privatising everything has decided not to sell off the John Morony prison is an enormous win for public safety in NSW,” said PSA General Secretary, Stewart Little.

The PSA has argued that privatisation means a lack of transparency and creates breeding grounds for radicalisation and fight clubs.

“The NSW public prison system boasts the best officers in the world who, to their enormous credit, successfully manage a grossly overcrowded system, which houses 13,000 inmates in a situation designed to accommodate 10,000.

“In New Zealand, privately run prisons were a debacle with inmates setting up fight clubs and posting videos on social media and the Government terminated the operator’s contract.”

A 2016 Auditor General’s Report on Cost of Government found publicly run NSW prisons were among the cheapest in Australia to run negating any cost benefit from privatisation.

“The PSA has lobbied the Government intensively and will be working with all parties to ensure the best possible outcome for public safety and the well being of Correctional Officers.”

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