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Reporting Services Branch: working from home

The PSA was advised by members that they were directed to work standard hours (seven hours per day without the ability to accrue flex time) while working from home.

Following these reports, the PSA contacted the Department of Communities and Justice on 15 April 2020 and stated, as per the Flexible Working Hours Agreement, flexible working hours remain in place regardless of whether a member is working from home or on site. 

On 16 April 2020, the Department confirmed that flexible working hours do apply when working from home. Accordingly, the Department will be revising its advice and will issue the correct advice about flexible working hours.

Members have also been advised by RSB that they might have to come into court while working from home during self-isolation pursuant to COVID-19.

This goes against the whole point of self-isolating. Members should not compromise their health and go to work if they have been directed to self-isolate by their doctors. If any member has been pressured to attend the workplace, please contact the PSA.

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