Revenue NSW: Customer Engagement Integration (CEI) – transfer to Service NSW

Earlier this year the PSA provided the Department of Customer Service (DCS) with comprehensive feedback and concerns members have with regards to the CEI proposal. That document is provided HERE.

The PSA requested the Department respond to members’ outstanding concerns and a meeting was organised for Thursday 23 April. Below is a summary. These matters will be progressed further at the Restructure JCC scheduled for Thursday 30 April.

Service NSW and Revenue staff are likely to be sharing the same floor space but not necessarily sitting next to each other. Service NSW is looking to grow its area and intends to grow into dedicated sites down the track.

Remaining positions

There are a small number of 3/4 positions that haven’t been filled in Revenue. There will be an additional process to fill them at some point. It will be a recruitment process but how it will work is still under discussion and there will be an update on this going forward. The PSA will ensure proper process is followed. If members have concerns in relation to this, they are encouraged to contact the PSA.

Flexible working arrangements

Neither Revenue NSW nor Service NSW will be offering compressed hours. Revenue had been providing this but the PSA has been advised that official policy does not allow for it and Revenue no longer requires it. The PSA raised concerns about individuals who had already signalled that they were making choices of employment offers based on flexibility and highlighted that many people were not keen to move as a result of loss of flexibility. Management professed concern over this. The PSA will be seeking that any arrangements in regards to flexibility currently in place to be honoured post-transition. These arrangements should then be reviewed as appropriate.

Members will recall that a major issue was that those staff transferring to Service NSW would no longer have access to Flextime despite Revenue NSW’s own Workforce Management tool being able to facilitate flextime and various other types of flexible working arrangements. This subject is on the agenda for the Restructure JCC. Customer Services confirmed that outstanding balances will be honoured, and will move across with the employee (whether they be credit or debit hours), with arrangements then to honour those hours.

Please contact your Industrial Officer Phoebe Dangerfield,, if you have family or caring responsibilities which are not being considered post transition. We can then advocate on your behalf. In the meantime, the PSA will raise review of the policy in the upcoming JCC.

If you are having any type of difficulty in the workplace please remember, the PSA is your union and we are here to help. Contact your local delegate or the PSA Member Support Centre: Ph: 1300 772 679 or

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