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RMS Light Fleet Vehicle Policy dispute

RMS Light Fleet Vehicle Policy dispute – January

The PSA and combined unions attended compulsory conciliation with the RMS on 15 January as a part of dispute proceedings regarding the Light Fleet Vehicle Policy.

In previous bulletins, the PSA has outlined the general concern regarding the interpretation of this updated policy and the subsequent matters for dispute HERE.

Compulsory conciliation – PSA, MUA and Professionals Australia (combined unions)

The conciliation was held in front of Commissioner Slone at the new Parramatta offices of the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC).

Issues discussed at length included the PSA interpretation of excess travel versus ordinary hours and overtime. The concern was there was no excess travel as staff members were travelling to their respective home station.

There were discussions regarding certain elements of the PSA and combined union dispute that the IRC could not enforce, such as the notion of operational efficiency and mutual advantage. Part of this included the old adage that RMS could manage or mismanage its business as it sees fit. The PSA and MUA representatives identified the important service delivery work as part of on-road and on-water emergencies that will be impeded by this policy decision. It was further asserted that the RMS was attempting to re-interpret elements of the Award to fit into the new understanding of the Light Fleet Vehicle Policy.

Finally, the PSA and combined union representatives discussed those elements contained in the RMS Light Fleet Vehicle Policy that was incongruent with the RMS Award. The PSA asserted those elements could not be enforceable.

Interesting to note, the RMS legal representatives provided information on the fleet vehicle loggers that were installed in November as part of the pilot. The PSA and combined unions are waiting on the provision of this data as part of these proceedings.

The Commissioner directed the parties into talks over the outstanding matters of Award interpretation, home-garaging applications and approvals and policy incongruences. Report back is set down for 1 March 2019. Without all of the information from members, the Commissioner was reluctant to provide recommendations on Award interpretations sought. The PSA will endeavour to compile all of this material together for the next report back.

What do I need to do?

Continue with making applications for overtime rather than excess travel. Forward these overtime denials to Steering Committee delegates.

Identify whether your home station has satisfactory amenities for the parking up of cars, such as lockers for PPE and assigned items, change rooms and showers. For reference the PSA uses the Workcover – Managing the Work Environment & Facilities Code of Practice HERE.

Identify to Steering Committee delegates or the PSA, any instances where service delivery and operational efficiency is hindered by the parking up of fleet vehicles or as a consequence of inadequate staffing.

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