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Rural Fire Service Camping Allowance update

As you will know from our bulletin sent out on 17 December 2021, the PSA won its long drawn out dispute with the Rural Fire Service (RFS) regarding Camping Allowance. That bulletin is attached HERE.

We are still in communication with RFS to coordinate back pay where appropriate.

This particular bulletin is the remind you of your entitlement and to ensure you are putting in claims for what is rightfully yours.

We remind you that during major incidents:

  1. RFS employees accommodated in base camps are entitled to a camping allowance at the established camp rate = $34.80 per night;
  2. RFS employees who provide their own bedding and sleeping bag while camping (including in base camps) are entitled to the bedding and sleeping bag allowance = $5.75 per night
  3. where the RFS does not establish a base camp, staff are entitled to be accommodated in middle of the range of accommodation or to return home.

The PSA recognises the valuable and amazing work performed by our members in RFS.

It is a little thing to ask that you be properly recompensed for what you do, even more so when the Government has done all it can for over a decade to minimise pay for Public Servants.

It is a little thing to ask that the award entitlements are met – and now we have won that battle with Camping Allowance.

The PSA will press forward to argue for the removal of the Wages Cap.

What we want you to do is make sure you claim your entitlements under your Award.  If you meet the entitlement regard Camping Allowance that money is yours.

Claim it!

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