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Service NSW JCC Update

Your union and local delegates attended the Service NSW Joint Consultative Committee meeting on 21 May 2024.  At the meeting the following items were discussed:

Mobility/Transfer Register

PSA raised concerns of members about vacancies not being filled, not getting access to the Register and having applications denied by managers who aren’t able to backfill them if they go to other centres. PSA will pursue offline with Employee Relations.

Filling of Vacancies

PSA raised concerns about DSRs working as CSRs, getting paid higher duties but not being made ongoing.  Management asked for further information about areas where there may be vacancies.  We will survey members in relation to this matter.

Administering Domestic Violence Payments

PSA is concerned about the safety/security of staff administering domestic violence payments.  Is there an increase in the possibility of those accessing payments being targeted by offenders on the premises?   We sought further understanding from Service as to whether the government’s payments were being administered from centres or elsewhere.  Service representatives at the JCC did not seem to be aware of how these payments are administered.  We will continue discussions with Employee Relations.

TAAs – Not Being Paid for Taking On Higher Duties Role

Members have raised concerns that people acting in higher roles are not being paid at the higher rate because it is seen as a ‘learning opportunity’.  PSA advised that these are not unpaid placements.  If members are performing the full duties, they should be paid the full rate.  If they’re doing half the duties, they should be paid half the rate.  We will discuss further with Employee Relations and report back to members.


Service wants to move away from old, outdated metrics and towards values and behaviours. Contact Centres want to have a 4-8 week pilot rollout out of contribution cards for CCOs and CSRs only.  The scope of the pilot will involve six teams, one from each cluster.  The format of the contribution cards will align with current contribution cards in the service centres.  There will be an opportunity for employees to provide feedback on the new contribution cards.

Team Meetings After Work Hours

PSA was advised that team members are not being forced to stay after hours to attend team meetings. We received confirmation that employees (who are not part-time) will be paid for staying late to attend.  We would suggest that if you are part-time you should request minutes of the meeting the next day.

Duty Lines

PSA raised concerns about the “required time” each day for Team leaders to be on the Duty Line (DL). DL isn’t part of the Team Leader position description or Evidence on the current score card.  It was agreed that Service would look into whether there is a fair allocation across the board.

Review of Mobile Testing Centre

Mobile Testing Centre is still at Auburn at present and is operating business as usual.  Its use is being led by operational requirements.  Service considers it to have proven quite successful.

Service Centre Dealer Transactions

Members have raised concerns that dealers are only allowed 3 transactions and then they must go away and return later.  Members worry that they will be accused of not providing quality service to dealers.  We were told that this is at the discretion of the centre manager.  The large amount of business holds up the customer flow.  There is training available for how to break bad news to customers and employees should be able to go to leadership for help and support in how to manage dealer expectations.

Use of Personal Phones for AIMES Access

There has been a discussion with Transport.  They are looking at using email instead. There will be a pilot in June.  An update will be provided at next JCC if not sooner.

Lack of Notice Boards at Contact and Service Centres

This is a complaint raised at every Service NSW JCC.  PSA reminded Service that each centre needs to have a PSA noticeboard, not a space on a Service noticeboard where items get removed by management.  We will send a list of centres lacking noticeboards to Employee Relations.

 Executive Director Update

Service is looking at physical security.  Work is being undertaken in the training space around de-escalation with one day face-to-face training being developed.  There will be mandatory online training modules as well.  They are scoping armed defender training.  Beyond that, Service is looking at the design of Centres and how that impacts situations.  Service agreed that feeling safe includes personal wellbeing.

SD Frontline Metro Update

Service is looking at burnout and psychological safety and at putting the right resources in the right places.  Looking at vacancies on a case by case basis and will backfill while recruiting for any roles identified as being necessary to fill.

SD Frontline Regional Update

The focus here is also on security.  Beyond that, they have visited up to 40 Aboriginal communities across the state with the pop-up service centre.

Operations and Facilities Update

Lismore’s opening day will be 5 July 2024.  Tallawong’s will be mid-July.  Marrickville is moving to a bigger site in its current shopping centre.

Contact Centre Update

There was no one available for this meeting to provide an update for Contact Centres.

Safety and Wellbeing Update

Safety and wellbeing are updating policies and procedures.  PSA reminded them of the requirement to consult, both with employees and with PSA.

CCF Restructure Update

The dispute has been closed after three trips to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission.  As regards the restructure, Service have now endorsed outcomes at 5/6 Grade, will be finalizing 910 and 11/12 shortly so the recruitment process is on foot.  The ‘go live’ date is yet to be determined.

Next meeting will be on 20 August 2024.  If you have matters of concern to raise, please talk with your local delegate and they will raise matters through the Delegates Committee.

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