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Service NSW PSA Members’ Bulletin – January

Service NSW PSA Members’ – January (pdf version)

The PSA wishes all our members a Happy New Year for 2019. Last year was a big year with the new Award and a number of new initiatives being delivered by Service NSW to the State and 2019 looks to be equally busy.

Unpaid overtime survey

The PSA is currently investigating instances of members working overtime and not being paid for this. Please fill out this survey, and share it with your friends so that we are able to get a strong understanding of this issue within your workplace.

Upcoming campaign

The PSA will be launching a new campaign within the next few weeks. Keep an eye out on the media where we will be running ads about the importance of ensuring NSW has a robust, and well-funded public service, and that we ensure privatisation is not on the agenda at all. It is also calling for the removal of the GCSE, as well as the cap that says you can’t gain more than a 2.5 per cent pay increase each year. The PSA will also be campaigning about this in different electorates, so if you are interested in getting involved please contact your organiser.

10-minute tea break

Just a reminder that you should more often than not be able to use your PSA-won 10-minute tea break throughout your work week. According to clause 14.4 you have 10 PAID minutes’ break as well as your lunch break. If you’re not able to access this, or your centre is discouraging you from having them, please contact the PSA.

New initiatives at SNSW

Late in 2018 a brief report was provided to the PSA on two new initiatives with the EOIs being sent out to interested staff. These are:

Mobile Service Centres

These are roaming service centres that will travel to areas that don’t have a service centre. They will be staffed by SNSW staff and travelling mostly to regional areas, but some in Sydney like Campbelltown. This is to be a more detailed briefing on 24 Jan.

Work from home pilot

SNSW will be trialling a work from home program for contact centre staff. This is starting with six places from Newcastle and four from Parramatta. Further consultation with the PSA will occur soon.

Joint Consultative Committee update – 12 December 2018

Throughout the year the PSA meets with Service NSW Senior management to discuss a range of issues that are important to members. Below is the report from the last meeting.

            Access to email and training

Last year PSA delegates raised that there were issues accessing emails and training at centres. Subsequently, SNSW conducted an investigation of the five busiest centres – Macarthur, Blacktown, Wetherill Park, Liverpool and Bankstown. Of those, the first three had near 100 per cent completion rates, while the other two had much less. SNSW is now working with regional managers to address this.

            Accrued/Rostered Day Off

There have been many members raising this issue across Service Centres and Contact Centres, and have requested the PSA raise this with Service NSW. This has been done, however at this stage SNSW management are not in support of introducing ADO/RDOs. This is something that the PSA will continue to push for, however it is unlikely to occur until the 2020 award negotiations. The best way to ensure that we are able to gain it in the next negotiations is to ensure we continue to grow and build power in our workplaces.

            Workplace Central

SNSW has announced it is partnering with DFSI to implement the project, and will keep the PSA informed

Joint Consultative Committee and PSA Departmental Meetings for 2018

Thursday 7 March Thursday 14 March
Thursday 6 June Thursday 13 June
Thursday 5 September Thursday 12 September
Thursday 5 December Thursday 12 December



Your Delegates

The PSA democratically elects Delegates to the departmental committee to represent their workplace. They work hard to represent your best interest and make sure that your voice is heard

Janice Hartmann – Newcastle

Robbie Gratton – Newcastle

Kieren Streat – Driver Pool

Victor Dunstan – Liverpool

Susanna Abbatantuono – Warrawong

Sue Townsend – Blacktown

If you’re interested in becoming a Delegate, or even just becoming more involved, please contact Kirra .

PSA training

The PSA offers training to all members of the union. Based on the award, as a member of the union, you have access to 12 special paid leave days in order to undergo training with the union. Below are some of the training and dates for the upcoming courses. For more information go to or email

Course Name Course Date
Care + Resilience 13 Feb
Role of the Delegate 19 Feb
Dealing with Bullying 22 Feb
WHS 2 day course 26 & 27 Feb
Women in the Union 8 March
Intro to the Union 12 March
Public Speaking 9 April
Achieving workplace Flexibility 10 April

Mate’s not a member?

It’s the start of the new year, so there’s no time better than now to join your union! Have a chat to your workmates about the union, ask if they’re a member, and if not ask them to join! The PSA only works if you get involved and a great way to do that is to ask your friends to join up. Not only will you be helping make sure they’re supported and covered, you’re also making sure that we can keep fighting for you.

Go to and JOIN TODAY

PSA visits

Our Metropolitan and Regional Organisers are always keen to visit members and we conduct regular visits to both Service and Contact Centres throughout the year. For members interested in having a visit or becoming more involved with the PSA please contact PSA Organiser Kirra Jackson .


Connect online

Keep up to date with what the PSA is doing online:

Issues at work

Are you having issues at work? Please reach out to your delegate or call the PSA Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

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