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Special Constables – Advisory Group elections

Special Constables – Advisory Group elections – January 2019 (PDF version)

The PSA’s Special Constables Advisory Group is the delegate group representing PSA members working in the Security Management Unit.

The current delegates took their positions on 8th June 2017 for two year terms.  As such, these positions will be up for election again in the coming months. A call for nominations will be advertised in Red Tape and via bulletin. If there are more nominations than delegate positions, there will be a ballot.

To nominate, stand for nomination, or vote in a ballot, individuals must be financial PSA members before the call for nominations opens.

Last year, Glenn Smith and Mark Tucker resigned from their Special Constable roles and therefore ceased their delegate roles. The PSA would like to thank them for the hard work and dedication they put into assisting members and striving for improvements in the pay and conditions of Special Constables.

The Special Constables Advisory Group has appointed Sheraz Ghalie and Vince Carnevale to fill these casual vacancies until the next election.  The PSA would like to congratulate these two new delegates and welcome them to the role.

A reminder that the delegates for the Special Constables Advisory Group are:

  • Dannie Abel (Chair)
  • Tony Saraceno (Vice Chair)
  • Alex Muirhead
  • Sheraz Ghalie
  • Vince Carnevale

If you would like any further information about the election process, or to organise a visit to your site, please contact:

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