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Special Constables update: Role Descriptions and Advisory Group Elections

Special Constables update – Role Descriptions and Advisory Group Elections – December 2018 (PDF version)

Role Descriptions

Your PSA representatives met again last week with Superintendent Beattie and SMU management to discuss our request to review Special Constables Role Descriptions. Members took industrial action in June, which led to this review being undertaken.

The meeting was positive and constructive. Management did not disagree with the concept of including your police powers in the Role Description, but had concerns about the appropriate scope of these powers and the wording to be used to describe them.

Basically, there is agreement from both sides about what Special Constables do, but we have work to do to reach agreement on how to describe it in the Role Descriptions. At this stage, the PSA has agreed to work with management to try and accommodate their concerns.

The PSA has agreed to come back with an improved drafting of the proposed additions to the Role Description. We have agreed to have detailed discussions regarding our arguments for classifying a number of key capabilities as intermediate level, which is important for any application to regrade the positions.

Both sides will do further work on these issues and we will meet again on 6 February 2019.

This process will take some time. This most recent meeting was an important step in the process. The PSA remains optimistic that the review will result in a Role Description which properly reflects the nature and value of the work performed by Special Constables.

Updates will continue to be provided as these meetings progress.

It is critical that all NSW Special Constables remain actively engaged in this process. Bulletins should be circulated at every site and please liaise with your delegates about how you can assist.

Advisory Group elections

The current Special Constables Advisory Group Delegates took their positions in June 2017, meaning elections for these positions are due in the first half of 2019.

A reminder that your current Advisory Group Delegates are:

  • Dannie Abel
  • Tony Saraceno
  • Alex Muirhead

There are five total delegate positions with two currently vacant due to Delegates leaving SMU.

These elections will be advertised per PSA Rules in Red Tape and a reminder bulletin will be sent when nominations are open.

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Any questions or comments, please contact:

Roland Harris – Organiser

Andrew Wright – Industrial Officer

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