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Taronga reopening

As members would be aware, the NSW Government has announced that from June 1, visitors will be able to return to Taronga Zoo. While the Zoo and the Government have referred to some protocols that will be in place, there is little in terms of specifics at this point. 

The PSA is scheduling an urgent meeting with Zoo management so adequate consultation surrounding the work, health and safety of both the public and employees can be undertaken.

Some questions that the PSA will be asking include:

  • Has a full risk assessment been undertaken?
  • What PPE will be available?
  • What specific protocols will be put in place to ensure the safety of employees?
  • Will there be increased staffing to ensure protocols are observed?

The PSA would like to hear from members regarding any concerns they might have with the re-opening. We have put together a short survey for members to give us your feedback/concerns. 

You can take the survey HERE.

We will also be scheduling member meetings, details of which will be distributed shortly. Additionally, you can also contact your Organiser Chris Bird via email at .

While the re-opening of Taronga Zoo will assist in easing the significant pressure on the Zoo’s budget, the NSW Government needs to address the massive drop in revenue the COVID pandemic has caused, and will continue to cause for some time. The PSA will continue our campaign to call on the NSW Government to Keep Our Icons Alive through additional funding for Taronga Zoo and other tourism/cultural institutions. If you haven’t already, you can support our campaign by sharing or liking the Keep our Icons Alive video.

Not a member?

Join the PSA today to have your say on the re-opening of the Zoo at www.psa.asn.au.


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