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TfNSW PDR survey launched

Bulletin Survey TfNSW - Oct 2019 (PDF version)

Your union, the PSA, has been made aware of a number of issues which have arisen out of the use of the PDR system in TfNSW. We have been working with management to try and remedy some of these issues to create a system which works for members.

In order for us to assist in the improvement of this system for members, we have decided to survey all staff of TfNSW.

We understand that many of you would have previously completed a very similar survey. We ask that you please complete this new survey to assist us in having the most up to date data, particularly with the recent addition of RMS into TfNSW.

We ask that you please complete the survey found at the following link:

We also ask that members forward this survey link on to other employees so that we can gather as broad a range of answers as possible. This will help us in improving the system so that it is workable for all employees.

It’s time to get involved!

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