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TfNSW: Rail Review Recommendation 5: Timetable Development Consultation Feedback

TfNSW has started the formal consultation process today (31 August 2023). The changes reflect recommendation 5 of the Rail Review; that is, that the detailed timetable function be moved from TfNSW to Sydney Rail.

For affected members, this will have an impact on your pay and conditions. This is because you will no longer be under the TfNSW Award, instead, you will be covered by the Sydney Trains EA. Most significant will be the changes in hours of work (up to 38 hours per week from 35 hours) and loss of flex days which will be replaced by one ADO per month. TfNSW has stated that you will receive an ‘equitable salary boost’, however, at this stage it is unclear whether this will compensate for the loss in flex days and increase in weekly hours.

TfNSW has not yet determined the length of the consultation period. However, it would be appreciated if you could please provide your feedback to Izzy Maish () by 14 September 2023 in order to allow enough time to collate the feedback. Further, if there is an appetite for a members’ meeting to discuss the changes, one will be organised.

PSA Delegates

Dane Richards Corporate Services, Burwood

Adam Carroll: Regional and Outer Metro, Grafton

Janet Miller: People and Culture, Macquarie Park

Gary Sladden: Customer Strategy and Technology, Yennora

Sharon Smith: Corporate Services, Newcastle West

Lee-Anne Stanford: Regional and Outer Metro, Wollongong

Hayley Dellaca: Regional and Outer Metro, Newcastle

Dani Gordon: Infrastructure and Place, Newcastle

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