Transport DC meets at PSA House - Public Service Association

Transport DC meets at PSA House

Transport DC meets at PSA House – April 2019 (PDF version)

On Wednesday 27 March the Transport for NSW Departmental Committee (DC) met at PSA House to discuss a host of important issues.

The DC is made up of TfNSW workplace delegates who deal with the issues that affect all, or large sections of, the agency. Issues include restructures, relocations or staffing issues. The DC members decide on overall policy and industrial strategy for the PSA and can initiate campaigns. The DC meets quarterly at PSA House.

Key points which came from this most recent meeting:

The need for additional communication channels for concerns

After a discussion about the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) it was agreed an email needs to be set up so members can message us with concerns directly. This allows issues to be raised at the JCC. Additionally, the minutes of the JCC should be shared with the membership as soon as possible after each meeting.

State election result and what it means for TfNSW moving forward

  • The wages cap is now locked in for the next four years at least.
  • The efficiency dividend is now locked in for the next four years at three per cent (Effectively a three per cent annual cut of the operating budget of the department)
  • Consultation could continue to be affected.
  • Professional development opportunities will more than likely continue to be hampered.
  • Broadly across the public service the risk of further privatisations and outsourcing is high.

PSA membership in TfNSW

PSA membership numbers in TfNSW have continued to grow steadily in the new year. Also, there will need to be a new election of DC delegates shortly as the term is coming to a close.

Award negotiations

The PSA is looking at:

  • A 2.5 per cent pay increase – the maximum we can legally get under the wages cap
  • Commencing salary increases from first working day on or after 1 July each year instead of first full pay period.
  • Job security clauses in the face of privatisation and outsourcing.
  • A 12-week settlement period for flex rather than the existing arrangements, with the ability to take six flex days during this period. Clearly this allows employees the option of a nine-day fortnight.
  • Domestic violence leave arrangements
  • Surrogacy arrangements
  • Creating gender neutral parental leave arrangements.

WHS and HSRs

The DC is looking at ways to better ensure the safety of members at work. The idea of elections being held for new HSRs (Health and safety representatives) was raised. A presentation by PSA WHS officials will be given at the next DC.

PDR survey results

The PSA survey results were presented at the JCC with TfNSW. These results have resulted in a consultation process between management and the union as to how to better facilitate PDRs moving forward. So as to develop staff rather than be used as a performance management tool.


DC delegates raised the need for PSA members and delegates to have practical advice to deal with bullying. We understand bullying is a widespread problem throughout TfNSW and the PSA is looking at solutions to work through this problem. In the meantime, it is highly advisable that members enrol themselves in the “Dealing with workplace bullying” training course. This course is conducted at PSA House and members are encouraged enrol, with the day counted as trade union training leave. Which members are entitled to in their award.

Members can enrol in the training by using the following link It was briefly mentioned that if we can get enough numbers we can look at having a TfNSW specific bullying training day.

If you would like any more information on the DC, please do not hesitate to contact your workplace organiser Ben James on 0438 485 535 or alternatively by email at Additionally, we are always on the lookout for active members to join the DC. If you would like to take a more active role in how your workplace is run, consider nominating for the DC when the election is called.

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