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Uniform Allowance for Special Constables: update

In a major win for PSA members in the Security Management Unit, members finally received back-payment of the uniform allowance on 6 January 2022. For some long-serving members, this back-pay amounted to in excess of $1,000.

Since then, the PSA has been seeking clarification of a number of issues. Members were left in the dark as to the date to which payments were backdated, and why there are no current payments in payslips since the back-payment. We have today received answers to our queries.

Payroll have confirmed that back-payments were made in the pay for the period ending 6 January 2022 for the period 16/9/2014 – 25/11/2021.

This payment was calculated and entered manually, as the payroll system requires complex modifications to allow a new allowance to be paid automatically. It is understood that a consultant has been engaged and is currently working on the required system enhancements to automate this process. Management is unable to provide a confirmed date for completion of the changes. Payments will be processed manually in the interim. Work is underway for this to occur for the period from 25/11/21 to now and then on a fortnightly basis.

We will advise members as soon as we receive further information.

If you haven’t received the back-pay for your uniform allowance, or believe you have been underpaid, please contact your PSA delegate.

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