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Update: Annualised Conditions Allowance entitlement

Award Update - April 2021 (PDF version)

As you may know, your delegates and the PSA have been negotiating a new Award with RFS management.

A common question raised by members is about the future of the Annualised Conditions Allowance (ACA).  The current proposal for the new Award does seek to remove the ACA – staff would instead be paid for the specific allowances as they occur. However, the PSA and your delegates are fighting for members on current ACA entitlements to be grandfathered.

What this means is that, moving forward, new employees/positions would move to the “claim as you go” model. However, anyone currently on ACA will receive it until they change roles or the RFS decides to forfeit it.

Your union is working hard to ensure that the Award is fair, equitable and superior to the current RFS award. Only PSA members will be able to vote on Award changes, so encourage your colleagues to sign up to the PSA at www.psa.asn.au/join.

As always, if you have questions – reach out to your delegates, who are listed below.

Jim Killen

Ivan Perkins

Kam Baker

Bradley Stewart

Daniel Ainsworth

Bruce Hansen

Fiona Campbell

Jillian Butler

Lindsey Flynn

Marty Webster

Lee Cook

Ben Plummer

Your PSA staff

Nick Player Industrial Officer

Glenn Duncan Organiser

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