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Update on changes to the EPA division structures

Changes Update - Aug 2020 (PDF version)

On Wednesday, 29 July, the PSA met with the EPA to discuss the upcoming divisional changes and administration review. The EPA shared with the PSA plans to create a sixth division, which will likely be focused on providing technical and specialist advice to the other divisions. The EPA also stated that, at this stage, the functions of the other divisions are still being explored.

The EPA also stated it would like to engage with staff as to how the new structure might work. At this stage there is no time-frame for implementation and the PSA has been assured that this structure will not be commencing on Monday, 3 August as some members have queried. The EPA stated further communication around the functions and responsibilities of the divisions, including a consultation schedule will be provided shortly.

The administration review has also been a significant area of concern. The EPA has stated this is not a review of roles and responsibilities, but is instead part of a continuous improvement approach to workflows and processes. The EPA has engaged an external company to conduct the review which will provide a report on the outcomes. Administration and business support are the primary areas of focus, with the goal of ascertaining what processes are working and what needs improvement.

In relation to the survey that has currently been released as part of the admin review, the EPA has assured the PSA that filling in your name is optional. Therefore, the PSA advises all members that hold concerns around putting their name down to simply place “anonymous”, initials, or any other such entry as is appropriate, into that field.

The PSA will be here to represent all EPA staff throughout these uncertain changes, so please encourage your colleagues to join so that we can continue to effectively represent staff interests. If you have any questions or concerns, please email PSA Organiser Chris Bird at .

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