Urgent update on COVID-19 for Schools members - Public Service Association

Urgent update on COVID-19 for Schools members

Covid-19 Update - March 2020 (PDF version)

The PSA Executive, Delegates and Staff are most concerned about our members working in schools. 

We know that you work directly with students, staff and parents every day. It is impossible to ensure appropriate social distancing in schools. In addition, many schools are having problems obtaining the hand sanitiser, appropriate cleaning products and personal protective clothing that would keep our members safe. 

We know the Department has today advised staff who may be at special risk to take appropriate measures and we commend them for that.  However, this does not go far enough to protect ALL our members.

The Schools DC executive met today and have moved the following motion:

“The Schools Departmental Committee executive moves that the NSW Government and the Department of Education should close schools within the next few days. That closure should follow the UK model. 

The union is most concerned for our members who work in close proximity with students and deal directly with members of the public, often to a greater extent than teachers”

At-risk members

Members with an underlying medical condition who may be at higher risk from Covid-19 (based on the NSW Health Guidance HERE) should raise their health concerns with their Principal or Manager.

WHS advice

In the meantime, we suggest that if you are concerned about your safety at work you advise your Principal, who is the workplace manager, and ask them to act to protect you.  If no action is taken please lodge an incident with the WHS hotline on 1800 811 523.

You should continue to lodge incidents each day the issue arises or each time it occurs.

In the event that urgent and appropriate action is not taken to protect members, the PSA will support members to “cease unsafe work”. Phone the PSA on 1300 772 679 for this advice.

Important PSA bulletins to read on COVID-19

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