2020 Salaries Claim update - Public Service Association

2020 Salaries Claim update

The Government says it has still not decided if it will support the PSA’s application for a three-year pay deal.

The PSA had further discussions with the Government at the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) on Thursday 30 April to discuss the union’s claim to lock in 2.5 per cent wage rises each year for three years.

The PSA had lodged its 2020 Salaries claim with the IRC in March. In addition to the 2.5 per cent increase for salaries and related allowances each year for the next three years, the awards would also take into account the planned Federal Superannuation Guarantee increases scheduled for July 2021 and 2022.

Recognising the Government would be distracted for some months by the issues arising from the bushfire emergency, the PSA commenced the process in December last year.

In line with our long-term aims, the PSA continues to pursue multiple-year agreements that provide members with surety around their pay. Historically, the PSA has always gained multiple-year agreements, usually of three or four years in length, with the Government. This allowed both parties to focus on more pressing matters without the yearly squabbles over pay detracting from the work of government.

The bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic have proven the value of this strategy. At a time when the Government should be focused on ensuring the health and wellbeing of this state, it is instead caught up with bargaining.

Although COVID-19 has made the process more difficult, the PSA continues to work for members at a time when NSW has never needed you more!

Given the short time frame between now and when Public Servants should be receiving their hard-earned wage rise, the IRC has set dates for this matter to be heard by the Full Bench for mid-June.

Further efforts will be made by the IRC to try to resolve this Award by negotiation between the parties, with the Commissioner setting aside time on 1 June for conciliation.

It is hoped the government will have decided its position by then.

The PSA will continue to keep members informed.


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