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Access to Flextime

Access to Flextime - March 2020 (PDF version)

Last Thursday 27 February, 2020, the PSA met with management about members’ concerns that they are not allowed to work longer than seven hours 30 minutes, restricting access to flex days.

The PSA agreed that operational requirements are a prime consideration when considering flexible working hours for staff, but pointed out that principles included in the Flexible Working Hours Agreement should be adopted.

Two issues present: 1) Accruing flextime, and 2) Accessing accrued flextime.

It appears the crux of the issue is to ensure Supervisors have sufficient notice to ensure they have adequate staffing for future absences.

Management agreed it would talk to Managers and Supervisors about operational requirements with a view to considering how to allow flexibility for staff and that they would send staff notice to this effect.

The PSA understands this is causing considerable angst amongst members. Whilst we anticipate a mutually agreeable solution to be developed in the short term it is suggested that you email your supervisor to satisfy 1) above – advising you intend to work longer than seven hours 30 minutes that day, and to satisfy 2) above – with at least two weeks’ notice of the flex leave you would like to take.

Ask for any refusal to be emailed back to you with the reasons for that refusal included in the email and forward to , with Call 116372 in the Subject field.


The PSA – your union – will continue to fight for members’ rights and entitlements at work. Print out this bulletin and pass it to your non-union colleagues. Stronger together.

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