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Anti-Discrimination Board update – Summary of 6 September meeting with management

Anti-Discrimination Board update – Summary of 6 September meeting with management – September 2018 (PDF version)

Following on from the bulletin about the Industrial Relations Commission dispute sent on 5 September 2018, below is a summary of the discussions had between the PSA and the ADB on Thursday, 6 September 2018. You can find a copy of 5 September 2018 bulletin HERE.

Senior Education Officers

The PSA argued the reduction of full-time equivalent positions to two should not be dealt with by way of merit selection between the three existing SEOs. Rather a job-sharing arrangement will be the most appropriate and effective option for the ADB and the SEO members.

As members are aware, the conciliation officers were afforded the option of job-sharing under the proposed Change Management Plan. It is a clear inequity that the SEOs were not afforded the same benefit. As members will be aware, the SEO roles are occupied by older women. They will find it very difficult to find work if made redundant. While management raised the issue of continuity and building rapport with clients as their main issue with the SEO roles, it remains unclear why having three employees instead of two employees, doing the same work will interrupt either continuity with clients or the possibility of building rapport.

Part-time arrangements can be made so that at least two SEOs will be at work at any one time. The PSA also put to the ADB that the flexibility conferred with three SEOs will be beneficial in relation to taking on more clients and generating more income for the ADB. As members are aware, the ABD has had an increase in requests for training by SEOs.

ATSI and Regional Manager role

The PSA emphasised the ATSI team has always had a high level of autonomy and the level of hands-on management has been minimal.

The PSA also highlighted the Regional Manager had managed individuals remotely for many years and relocating the role to Parramatta from Wollongong will be a needless and onerous burden. As a compromise, in order to deal with additional managerial duties, the PSA put forward the possibility of the manager attending the Parramatta office on a needs-only basis. Alternatively, the PSA suggested a flexible-working arrangement should be in place to avoid unnecessary travel to Parramatta.

Work Health and Safety issues – Newcastle Office

Over the years, cuts to the regional offices have given rise to WHS issues in Newcastle. This is exacerbated under the ADB’s current proposal which further reduces staffing. As such the PSA and the ADB have agreed to move forward by conducting a WHS assessment of the Newcastle office. Both the PSA and a representative from Justice will attend.

Your PSA Staff

Monika Wunderlin – Industrial Officer

Surabi Alauddin – Organiser

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