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Anti-privatisation doorknock: your story, our fight, the community’s service

Anti-privatisation doorknock – your story, our fight, the community’s service (PDF version)

The PSA’s very first doorknocking event took place last Saturday. Members in the Newcastle area took their story to the community when they doorknocked in the Port Stephens electorate. There was a fantastic turn-out and support for our anti-privatisation message.

The event brought PSA members from TAFE and Ageing Disability and Home Care (ADHC) together to spend the morning doorknocking the neighbourhoods of Raymond Terrace to raise awareness of the Baird Government’s aggressive privatisation agenda.

PSA members did not ask that people vote for one party over another, but rather pledge that their vote on 28 March will support a real choice for parents, carers, clients and staff.

The day was a wonderful success with over 200 conversations resulting in pledges from 167 people.

Out on the streets: see campaign photos HERE

Join us on Saturday morning to Defend Public Services and tell the Baird Government that NSW is NOT FOR SALE.

Members will be meeting at 9am at Pratten Park Bowling Club with an early afternoon finish expected (lunch included).

You can find a complete list of dates and times HERE

The PSA campaign in ADHC has seen nine Local Campaign Action Groups (LCAGs) up and running with another 10 on their way. Now more than ever it’s important to get involved with the anti-privatisation campaign by joining a LCAG near you.

List of current LCAGs HERE

38 MPs and candidates to date have signed the pledge against the total privatisation of ADHC.

To see which politicians have signed the pledge against the privatisation of ADHC go HERE.

If your local MP or candidate has not signed then let us know and we will arrange to send a delegation of PSA members to meet with them.

We need to continue to get our anti-privatisation message out at our next doorknock, this Saturday 14 February. Your union needs volunteers from across Sydney to get involved in this campaign. Please help to raise awareness in the community about privatisation by attending one of the PSA’s doorknocking events.

Join the doorknock by volunteering and registering your details HERE

For more information you can contact the PSA on 1300 772 679 or email us at .

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