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COVID-19: the Ruby Princess and a great big thank you

It’s been a difficult time for everyone over the past few months and, as always, the PSA has your back. 

Like our members who were first and second responders to the bush fire crisis, it is again PSA members whom the State Government and the general public have relied upon in the past weeks and months. And the Government will continue to rely on you in coming days, weeks and months to deliver critical advice and services to the community.

No-one has done more than Ministry of Health staff, who are the backbone of the COVID-19 response in NSW. As you all know, it is the work of Ministry staff, many of them PSA members, that informs the health response for the entire state. 

The PSA stands shoulder-to-shoulder with members to support you throughout the crisis.

Inquiry into the Ruby Princess – the PSA is here for you

As the inquiry into the Ruby Princess continues, the PSA wishes to reassure members that your union is here for you. 

While this may be an uncertain and difficult time for members who have been working tirelessly and persistently to protect the state of NSW, you can always rely on the PSA to be behind you.

If you and your colleagues are concerned that you may be caught up in this inquiry and would like some additional support or have any questions or concerns, you can contact us for support, advice and advocacy. 

We also encourage you to take advantage of your Employee Assistance Program and other support that is made available by your employer.

Need to update your details?

You can update your details with the PSA by sending your up to date signature block  including your new work address and any other information necessary with the Subject line: ‘Update my details’ to







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