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CPSU NSW Australian Unity survey results

CPSU NSW Australian Unity survey results – August 2017 (PDF version)

Why did we do a survey?

The PSA recently conducted a survey of CPSU NSW members. We collected data on a number of identified member concerns and measured their prevalence across Australian Unity more broadly.

We received an excellent response, with 125 participants taking time to complete the survey. All answers will be kept confidential.

The survey confirms the following issues affecting CPSU NSW Australian Unity members:

  • unmanageable workloads
  • understaffed branches (no backfilling leave)
  • anxiety related to work pressures
  • concern over the impact of workloads on client care.

Download the full report HERE.

If you have any concerns in relation to the issues listed above, email your union the CPSU NSW at .

Australian Unity responsive to issues – JCC Report

On 14 July your CPSU NSW representatives, including delegate Tania Shipman, attended the Australian Unity Joint Consultative Committee (JCC). We raised a number of concerns with management who were generally responsive and keen to resolve them.

Workload issues and concern around conditions of employment, in particular what happens after March 2018, were addressed.

Australian Unity was open to working constructively with members to alleviate the pressure of workloads over the coming months – and is undertaking a review of work practices, including a detailed time and motion study. It made it clear there were currently no plans to transfer employees onto individual contracts at the end of the two-year employment guarantee.

The CPSU NSW advises all members to remain vigilant with respect to your conditions of employment.

If you are approached by anyone regarding moving to a contract, or are asked to alter what you currently work under contact your organiser or the CPSU NSW AU Team at immediately.

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Contact us to arrange a visit to your Australian Unity branch at .

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