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FACS: Computer says NO – to staff, children, young people, carers and small businesses

FACS Computer says NO – to staff, children, young people, carers and small businesses – February 2017 (PDF version)

The PSA shares the concerns of members about the OneSAP system. In true Coalition Government style, OneSAP was outsourced to save money, but FACs has ended up with a system that fails staff, children and young people, carers and small business.

The problems so far…

OneSAP does not support children and young people in care or caseworkers. OneSAP has eliminated petty cash from most Community Services Centres and the result is caseworkers are now forced to use their own money to assist children and young people meet urgent needs such as meals, prescriptions and travel. Because of the flaws in OneSAP, overworked caseworkers are waiting several weeks for reimbursement.

Carers, the very people FACs depends on to place children and young people, can wait several weeks to receive some payments (*not care allowance).

Vendors also wait weeks to be paid. Motels that in the past provided accommodation for children and young people when placements were not available, are now refusing further bookings because of unpaid accounts. The State Government claims to be the friend of small business, but is allowing this to happen to businesses providing a vital service for vulnerable children and young people.

And FACs staff continue to experience multiple difficulties including:

  • ongoing problems using the system including enquiries to MyPay not being responded to in a timely manner
  • leave balances on payslips may not match leave balances on OneSAP which creates huge confusion for staff
  • staff being unable to access historical leave records. This has and continues to cause problems with verifying leave on time sheets and determining available leave and makes it harder for staff trying to plan their leave, as the State Government demands over the Christmas/new year period and to ensure that excess leave is not accrued as per the requirements determined by Treasury.
  • overtime and on call allowances unable be entered, as the system does not recognise dates entered. This means caseworkers have to send an email to a designated MCS who has to verify and request manual entry. The PSA is aware there are members who have not been paid their overtime or allowances since October 2016 due to this problem. After experiencing a significant delay, staff are often then paid their claims all at once which means they can be pushed into a higher tax bracket.
  • pay slips not itemising allowances, overtime and additional hours, which means staff have no way of knowing what they have or have not been paid for. When they seek to have this clarified they are often met with resistance through the service support line. This is contrary to the information that was provided in training sessions, including the online training.
  • problems with the timeframes with KIDS payments. Previously a Community Services Centre could process and pay within 48 hours. This is now not possible when sending OOHC payments for invoices via One SAP.

What is the PSA doing?

The PSA has written to Secretary Michael Coutts-Trotter about the extent of the problems with OneSAP. View the letter HERE.

We’ve made the point that implementing a system which makes it harder for our members to record their Award entitlements such as leave, overtime and allowances is fundamentally unfair and unjust.

The PSA is calling for an independent evaluation of OneSAP to fully examine the systemic issues which require resolution. This evaluation should proceed as a matter of urgency and as a major stakeholder we’re seeking the opportunity to have input to the terms of reference.

We’ve also requested the Secretary takes urgent action to restore the petty cash system within those CSCs, where it has been removed and prioritise reimbursement of money to caseworkers where they have used their own funds to purchase meals and other incidentals for children and young people.

What you can do

Continue to raise your concerns by:

  1. ensuring your manager is aware of the problems you are experiencing
  2. phoning the Staff Support Centre (IT Service Desk) on 02 9765 3999 and pressing 1
  3. sending an email to myPay for payroll concerns.

In addition, you can make initial contact the PSA’s Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679. Complex matters will be referred to one of your union’s Industrial Officers.

As we challenge FACs to fix the problems with OneSAP, it is important you have a say and your voice is heard.

You can support the work of the PSA and your local delegates by asking your colleagues to JOIN the Union.

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