FACS Localisation Industrial Bulletin - December 2013 - Public Service Association

FACS Localisation Industrial Bulletin – December 2013

Post-Localisation Consultative Arrangements still in dispute

FACS and the PSA are yet to agree on new consultative arrangements following the September launch of the new 15 district ‘localisation’ structure.

The PSA was back in the NSW IRC on Friday, 6 December in an effort to finalise new consultative arrangements that reflect the Department’s new operating environment.

Under FACS’s proposal the Department would abolish state-wide divisional consultative committees (i.e. ADHC, Community Services and Housing specific committees) in favour of combined District-level committees and a peak state-wide FACS committee.

PSA state divisional delegates have rejected the Department’s proposal arguing instead that, as each division retains a central role in policy setting, it’s important to maintain a regular consultative forum for divisional level issues.

Also at issue are the mechanics of the proposed district-level consultative committees, in particular the functioning of an integrated committee.

Following Friday’s IRC conference the PSA and FACS have committed to discuss further amendments to the consultative arrangements policy and will report back to the IRC on 14 February 2014.

FACS must come clean on Community Services staffing data

FACS is yet to provide comprehensive establishment figures for Community Services – breaking an earlier commitment to do so – despite the recent publication of regional statistics on caseworker vacancies.

In July FACS provided us with a written assurance that the information sought by the Association in relation to organisation structures, transitional impact and team composition would be provided by 1 August 2013.

Detailed information has been received for affected Phase 1 ADHC, Community Services and Housing NSW positions. Additionally, the Association has been provided with pre and post Localisation staffing establishments for ADHC and Housing NSW. However, FACS is yet to provide equivalent information for Community Services arguing – ironically – a ministerial commitment to publish caseworker figures prevented the agency from providing further details. We will continue to pursue this information through the IRC.

The provision of this information is critical as it will allow Community Services staff to properly compare proposals and engage constructively in consultation around future changes to the agency, particularly as we move into the post-implementation period.

Materials on the FACS Localisation have been posted on the Association’s website for the information of members, and industrial staff have held workplace meetings to consult directly with members across the agency.

Members are invited to review the PSA’s website where a copy of FACS presentations can be found, www.psa.asn.au/agencies/family-community

More information contact the PSA 9220 0900

Industrial Bulletin FACS Localisation December 2013

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