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FACS Northern Sydney District Industrial Bulletin

FaCS NSD – Bulletin – Aug 2014 (PDF version)


It is likely the District will be able to recruit to the equivalent of 8 FTE Caseworker roles.

The priority/process would be:

  1. lateral transfer into the District
  2. conversion of Long Term Temps
  3. Recruit from Assessment Centre
  • The PSA will be happy to assist Long Term Temps in the process of being given an ongoing role. Please contact your PSA Delegate for details.
  • Temps who have recently had contracts extended by 3 months, or anything less than 6 months, should also speak to their PSA Delegate.

Recruitment to ADHC is proving difficult. This comes as no surprise to the PSA. The PSA is campaigning against the privatisation agenda and the continuing issue over lack of protections for staff e.g. transfer to a NGO with no entitlements (ending in a possible redundancy without compensation). District Management advised it will relay our concerns back up to Senior Management.

  • Members should remain active throughout the campaign and encourage others to participate.

Supervision/Personal Development Plans (PDPs)

At the last meeting PSA expressed concern over a lack of supervision occurring.

A staff communiqué issued with a reminder to line managers that regular staff supervision sessions are to be held.

The effectiveness of the communiqué is in question, however, as not all staff have access to, or read, all emails.

Supervision will be a component of PDPs for Community Services (CS) and Housing staff but remain ‘paper-based’ for ADHC/Group Homes. More on PDPs below.

The PSA has continuing concerns over:

  1. lack of supervision; and
  2. supervision being used for performance management.
  • If you have concerns over lack of effective supervision:
  1. Email your supervisor and express your concerns.
  2. If this remains an issue, contact your local delegate or refer the matter to the PSA’s Member Support Centre (MSC) for advice.

The PSA expressed concern that the Department has sought to commence the PDP process without providing any face to face briefing to staff on what is a very concerning issue. We’ve been advised that within NSD, Supervisors have undertaken training to assist in ensuring the discussion is not only about weaknesses but about strengths and how to build on those. The Manager Client Services will have carriage of the roll out. The PSA expressed our concern over the timeframe. We were advised that the process needs to commence by the date advised – it is acknowledged that all PDPs are unlikely to be in place at this time. The PSA suggested a ‘case study’ by way of example would be useful. Within the NS District the PDP review is expected to occur ‘formally’ every three months, however Management consider the PDPs should be a constantly evolving document.

  • If you have concerns about the PDP process which remain – even after discussion with your supervisor – you should speak with your PSA Delegate or contact the MSC.


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