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Government attempts to shut you down

The PSA has been notified of attempts to shut down the PSA Day of Action and take us to the Industrial Relations Commission.

In a letter to the PSA on the 1 June 2022, the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Public Sector Industrial Relations stated that the action will “only serve to disadvantage members of the NSW public” and gave us until 10:00am this morning to withdraw our industrial action.

It is the NSW Government’s wages policy, which limits your wage increase to a maximum of 2.04 per cent (after your Superannuation increased is deducted from your own wages) that disadvantages the entire state of NSW.  As the largest employer in the country, Premier Perrottet has more power to fix Australia’s wage crisis than any other leader.  A pay rise for the public sector is economically smart because public sector wages get pumped straight back into the economy and stimulate growth, particularly in regional NSW. They also set the benchmark for wages generally.  Increasing wages to keep up with inflation benefits the entire state of NSW.

Speak to your colleagues and ask them to join

There has never been a more important time to join the campaign for a fair pay rise and join the PSA.  You can assist by doing the following:

  • Register your attendance at the PSA Day of Action at
  • While there, sign the petition and follow the links to email your MP
  • Encourage non-members to join the PSA today so they can join the campaign.

Strength in numbers

The only way to change the Governments restrictive wages policy which locks in real wage cuts is join the PSA and join the Day of Action on Wednesday 8th June 2022.  It is vital that members who are striking make every attempt to attend the scheduled rallies.

What are my rights when taking industrial action?

Don’t forget, victimisation for being a union member is illegal in NSW under the Industrial Relations Act 1996. Any member who wants to strike and feels they are being targeted or if you receive any type of threat for taking strike action you should contact the PSA Member Support Centre immediately.

If issues are raised with you about your compliance with the direction to strike, provide the person raising the issues with you with a copy of this bulletin and politely explain that you have been directed by your union to stop work for 24 hours.

Remember, only PSA members can take action. If your colleagues have not yet joined, make sure they do as soon as possible! They can join HERE.

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