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How is ChildStory going?

ChildStory survey - Aug 2019 (PDF version)

It is now approaching two years since ChildStory went live.

The Department has reported to the PSA that all issues raised by members, delegates and your union have been resolved and that all records migrated from KIDS are easily found in ChildStory. In fact, the general belief by Senior Management is that the majority of Child Protection Workers now find the program easy to use with far fewer staff using KIDS to support them doing their work.

We know that the best way to understand what is really happening is to ask the people working with ChildStory, you.

The Department has steadfastly refused Child Protection Workers employed since November 2017 access to KIDS. This now amounts to about one quarter of workers. In fact, in some locations only a minority of workers have KIDS access.

It is the Department’s stated aim to turn off KIDS access. We need to know your views on this and how this would affect you and the work you do.

The Department has refused to survey its workers to hear your views. This survey is your opportunity to have your views known. The PSA proposes to table the aggregated and de-identified results of this survey with both the Department and the Minister.

All responders’ details are kept in strict confidence unless explicit authorisation to share is given.

Please take five minutes to fill in our new survey

This short piece of your time will help us to properly understand what is happening in your workplace now and will support your union to continue to advocate at all levels for you to have access to the best tools to do your work.


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