Latham pushed out of ICAC to curb investigations of Government - Public Service Association

Latham pushed out of ICAC to curb investigations of Government

PSA media release:

The resignation of Megan Latham is the ultimate prize for the Baird Government in its quest to keep its dealings out of the public eye said the Public Service Association (PSA).

“The resignation of Megan Latham is the scalp the Baird Government have been seeking as part of its push to curb the capacity of the ICAC to investigate the Government, its dealings and business associations,” said PSA General Secretary, Stewart Little.

The State Budget slashed ICAC’s funding, cutting staff numbers by 15% or approximately 20 positions and greatly reduced investigative capacity meaning less scrutiny of the actions of the increasingly secretive Baird Government.

The Baird Government are currently privatising disability services, Out of Home Care for vulnerable children, the land titling and registry of the Land and Property Information Service, TAFE – handing additional millions in public funds to cheap private providers with no accountability – prisons, public housing, Sport and Recreation and National Parks. All without proper scrutiny.

“The last thing that NSW needs is less scrutiny of process involving these critical services but that is exactly what the NSW Government wants,” said Stewart Little.

“This Government is attempting to issue a get out of gaol free card for itself and all its business mates,” said Stewart.

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