Legal Aid PSA members to strike on Wed 8 June - Public Service Association

Legal Aid PSA members to strike on Wed 8 June

The PSA has directed members to strike for 24 hours on 8 June. The NSW Government is refusing to increase public sector wages in line with surging inflation, meaning members will suffer a real wage cut. The Legal Aid Delegates Committee has endorsed the strike and encourages members in Legal Aid to participate.

Public Sector pay varies greatly across different classifications. Members on very low wages need a decent pay rise just to get by. Members on higher pay also have fixed expenditures such as mortgages as well as families to support, which mean they can ill afford a cut in their real pay. So whether for yourself or in solidarity with your colleagues, and as an organisation with a strong sense of social justice, going on strike on Wednesday is the right thing to do.

What to do when taking strike action

If you are not required in court, do not come to work and instead attend your nearest PSA rally. You can notify your office in the morning or on your next working day. If you are required in court, you need to notify the relevant judicial authorities and request an adjournment. A draft adjournment application is available on request from delegates or from your Industrial Officer .

If an adjournment is not secured, members should consider their professional obligations to the court.

Remember, only members are protected in industrial action. If you have colleagues who want to join the fight for a stronger Legal Aid and Public Service, they can join at

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