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Member feedback required from Muswellbrook and Cessnock Community Corrections

We Need Your Feedback - June 2021 (PDF version)

Following member concerns about a possible relocation of parole functions from Muswellbrook to Cessnock without consultation, the PSA wrote to Community Corrections to make clear consultation requirements around any such move.

Community Corrections have now written to the PSA outlining proposed changes, which are summarised below and contained in a letter available HERE.

  • All pre-release work for St Heliers Correctional Centre to be undertaken by members at the Cessnock Parole Unit.
  • Delivery of parole/pre-release functions to be accommodated via a balance of in person and AVL contact.
  • Three Community Corrections Officer (CCO) positions and one Unit Leader (UL) position to be relocated from Muswellbrook to Cessnock.
  • No individuals to be impacted as the positions flagged for relocation are all vacant.

The letter outlines the view of Community Corrections that there are existing, ongoing staff shortages at Muswellbrook that recruitment actions have not been able to fill.

It also summarises why Community Corrections sees this option as more viable than other possible alternative solutions.

We want to hear from you!

Members in affected offices will have an opportunity to provide comments, questions and concerns to the Department over a two-week period. The PSA has also been invited to submit any comments or feedback by Friday, 25 June 2021 for consideration as part of the consultation process.

The PSA invites any affected members to submit their feedback via email to the industrial staff listed below by close of business Wednesday, 23 June 2021.

If you would like to organise a visit to your office by a PSA Organiser to discuss the changes as a group, please get in touch as soon as possible.

Your PSA Industrial staff

Roland Harris Industrial Officer

Chris Auld Organiser

Gino di Candilo Regional Organiser



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