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NPWS Bulleting July 2020 (pdf version)


Flight allowance for members in the Clerk classification

The Future NPWS restructure lead to many of our members being reclassified from classifications under the NPWS Award (Senior Ranger, Project Officer, Technical Officer and Area Manager) to the Clerk classification. Under the NPWS Award, a number of salary allowances, including flight allowance are incorporated into salaries.

For members who have been reclassified into a Clerk classification, this means that you are entitled to a flight allowance (currently $21.70 for each hour in an aircraft). The PSA has fought to get NPWS to start paying this entitlement to our members in the Clerk classification.

A claim form has now been uploaded onto the staff Intranet. The PSA encourages all members in the Clerk classification to start claiming this entitlement, and to submit backdated claims to when they were first appointed to a Clerk classification.

WHS and HSR training

The PSA has also raised some concerns about the function of Workplace Health and Safety Committees in NPWS. If you have concerns about the function and representation of the WHS Committee in your workplace, contact your line manager in the first instance. If your concerns are not addressed, make contact with the PSA. The PSA has been advised that consultation on the formation of committees for NPWS members in the former Hurstville and Goulburn St Offices will occur once COVID 19 restrictions lift and the transition to 4PSQ is complete.


The PSA has requested that NPWS undertake a second round of health and safety representative (HSR) nominations, as there was a low uptake in the initial round. The PSA would like to see all of the HSR vacancies in NPWS filled. Anyone interested in becoming a HSR should contact their direct supervisor in the first instance.

Further information on the role of HSRs can be found on the Safework NSW website.

Meetings with supervisors

Recently there have been a number of situations whereby members have had a supervisor and/or manager request they attend a ‘work performance meeting’ about their performance or in some instances about hearsay allegations against them. The PSA strongly urges members to advise the Association if this is happening at their workplace. Potentially this could be the commencement of some form of disciplinary action or the placement of a member on a Performance Improvement Plan. If you’re requested to meet with a supervisor and/or manager you’re entitled to ask in relation to the purpose of the meeting and request an agenda for the meeting. You should have available a Performance Development Plan and the intent of the meeting should be to review your plan. It should not be a meeting to discuss matters unrelated to your PDP. You should also be entitled to be given reasonable notice of the meeting (48 hours). This will also afford you the time to contact the PSA if necessary.

The PSA can also consider the agenda to determine if you require a support person to attend the meeting. Irrespective, if you have any concerns over a meeting you’re planning to attend you should take contemporaneous notes of the meeting. If you have any concerns, please contact the PSA on 1300 772 679.


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