NSW Trustee and Guardian Strategy and Governance Restructure

NSW Trustee and Guardian Strategy and Governance Restructure - March 2020 (pdf version)

The PSA is aware that NSWTG has advised members that there was no feedback received from the PSA in regard to the restructure. This is a bizarre and surprising misrepresentation of events. As members will recall, the PSA has had members’ meetings and asked for feedback from members on a number of occasions. The issues members raised were put to NSWTG last week and followed by a meeting with NSWTG on Monday, 2 March 2020. The CEO, the Director of Strategy and Governance and a number of HR representatives were present. During this meeting, the PSA advised NSWTG that the answers they provided would be communicated to the individuals who raised them in order to determine if further clarification was needed.

The report back to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission was vacated by consent of the parties on 2 March 2020 as some progress had been made to rectify the lack of detail provided by NSWTG so far. However, the dispute remains on foot, and the PSA will ask for another listing if needed. Unless members are satisfied with the level of consultation undertaken by NSWTG, the PSA is of the position that consultation has not ended.

Below is a summary of the meeting. The PSA has also requested a written response to the questions from NSWTG.

  • The PSA raised the move from generalist to speciality roles in Audit and Compliance. Particularly, members advised the PSA that they are concerned that they do not have the requisite capabilities to be placed in specialist roles.

In response, NSWTG advised that there was no actual change to role descriptions. Based on the advice of members, the PSA disputed this. The PSA will be following up with the individuals involved in this aspect of the restructure.

  • The PSA stated that no assessment was done in relation to how the cuts to staffing would impact the Division and the rest of the agency.

NSWTG advised that since the transformation there has been an increase in staffing. Except that NSWTG are unable to put on more staff, no detail was provided as to how work flow and increased work would be managed.

  • Questions were raised by members in relation the knowledge management role. The PSA stated that the role was not simply about managing the intranet, but also involved understanding the policies and procedures in the agency and making sure staff across NSWTG where up to date on any changes.

NSWTG advised that the intranet aspect of the role would be taken up by Communications and the coordination of policy would remain within Strategy and Governance. When the PSA asked if an assessment of the changes in workload had been considered, NSWTG answered that this had been done at the management level rather than with staff.

  • The issue of on-line training was raised by the PSA.

NSWTG advised that there would still be face-to-face training. Training was to be delivered by core technology knowledge and the legal branches. NSWTG advised that it would be looking at a training needs analysis for staff.

  • The PSA raised the matter of the change and continuous improvement/policy and strategy function.

NSWTG advised that the changes were to consolidate work, as some work is not present at all times. The changes are to ensure that complaints have carriage until they are resolved.

  • The impact of the changes in regard to the relationship between NSWTG and NCAT was raised.

The CEO responded by stating the he meets with NCAT fortnightly. It is also expected that Trustee Services management should also have a relationship with NCAT.

  • The absence of EAPs during the initial meeting held by NSWTG about the restructure was raised.

NSWTG responded by stating EAPS was available but they were not on site. However, the feedback was taken on board. The CEO stated that there was nothing contradictory to the Leadership Charter in regard to the availability of EAPs at the initial meeting.

  • The PSA asked for further detail about the extra administrative support which is supposed to come into the Division as part of the restructure.

NSWTG advised that the division historically had no administrative support. Administrative support would be spread across the Division as agreed with senior managers on an ‘as needs’ basis. NSTWG also cited emerging needs such as procurement needs which are not currently being met.

  • The PSA raised the issue of another agency-wide restructure.

The CEO advised that there were no plans for a restructure similar to the transformation in 2017. However, ‘realignments’ across the different teams at NSWTG would occur, for instance in the Legal team, where they are currently reviewing work allocations and who does what.

  • The PSA raised the issue of why other areas of NSWTG were not consulted in relation to the changes to Strategy and Governance.

NSWTG advised that the other Directors had been consulted, but not staff.

Individual members who are affected in this restructure will be contacted by the PSA this week. If members have further feedback in regard to the restructure please make contact.

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