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Pillar ballot

Pillar ballot – June 2016 (PDF version)

Enterprise Agreement

Recently, the PSA reported on Management’s announcement it would be putting out a one-year agreement to ballot in early June 2016. You can see that bulletin HERE.

Management has not yet given notice of a ballot. However, one is expected shortly.  Members at both Coniston and Sydney have voted to reject a one-year deal. Members want greater protection in light of the government’s plan to privatise Pillar. We have informed Pillar management of this.

When the matter goes out to ballot, we will therefore be urging members to vote NO.

The PSA has written to NSW Industrial Relations about the restrictions on the Wages policy and the one-year limitation. A copy of the letter is HERE.

A copy of the response is HERE.

We have now sought a meeting with them regarding this issue. We will keep members informed.

There will be a members’ meeting at 12:30pm at the Coniston Community Centre.


Some members have asked for clarification on whether the PSA would still represent members once Pillar is privatised. The PSA would still have coverage as the unoin covers all employees who work for organisations that administer public sector superannuation.


We have had a number of questions about the legislation. We are seeking further advice on how effective the protections are regarding maintaining the business in the Illawarra.

The two-year employment protection gives protection from the time that the sale occurs. It gives protections to employees’ conditions, but does not guarantee salary increases. It does give protection against forced redundancies during that period.

Members on contract

The PSA has been approached by members on individual contracts regarding their redundancy entitlements. We have stated to management we will be asking for some members contracts to be varied, to include the provisions of the Managing Excess Employees policy. This is the current practice of management.

If members under contracts want the PSA to make those representations on their behalf, please contact us on .


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