POVB bulletin 17 December 2019 - Public Service Association

POVB bulletin 17 December 2019

POVB End of Year Bulletin - December 2019 (PDF version)

Christmas and New Year

We would like to take the opportunity in our final bulletin for the year, unless something major occurs, to wish all our members a very Merry Christmas and New Year.

The POVB Executive would like to say thank you to all the delegates in all sub branches for the hard work and dedication shown in representing the membership throughout the year. It is a difficult job and at times very unrewarding and unrecognised. Without you all we could not do our job as effectively.

Over the Christmas period we hope everyone stays safe in the workplace and your time spending it with family and friends.

The PSA will be closed from 23 December 2019 until 6 January 2020.

Members and delegates can contact the POVB Executive over the shutdown period still.

As the Chairperson I would like to personally thank the Executive for the work and dedication they have given to the membership and to myself.  The work that they have put in, also in their own personal time, has made my role easier. They are a great team who are totally dedicated to getting the best results for the membership. I have to make special mention of Amanda Cotter, Secretary, who came on board in June and has taken on the role running and has done an outstanding job in emailing staff who have been assaulted.

We look forward to taking a bit of a rest over the Christmas period and being recharged to take on collective issues like Workers’ Compensation, KDWJ Award and continuing with assisting in individual issues.

Contact details

Nicole Jess Chairperson
0427 609 199

Jason Charlton Vice Chairperson
0401 500 976

Amanda Cotter Secretary
0404 042 600

Thor Sutherland Assistant Secretary
0447 633 476

Darren King Country Vice Chair
0407 935 039

Natalie Howes Country Vice Chair
0407 011 441

David McCauley POVB Industrial Officer
0419 022 767

David Bartle POVB Industrial Officer
0418 425 976

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