POVB Bulletin - 25 October - Public Service Association

POVB Bulletin – 25 October

POVB Bulletin - 25 October

Centres closing

We have a benchmarking meeting Monday 28th October, 2019 and CSNSW have informed PSA/POVB that the vacancies will be discussed at this meeting.  We have informed CSNSW that if the list and the process is not finalised by this date then we will have to ask for the Industrial Relations Commission to assist us in the matter.

The staff at these centres are currently in limbo and do not have any answers for their future.  They have waited long enough.

Due the freeze on filling vacancies, many centres are also experiencing a high number of TEs that need to be filled by casuals.  This is meaning that centres have less resources to fill the vacancies and it is becoming dangerous.

We also want our long term casuals to gain permanency.  We are hoping that in this meeting on Monday we will have answers to the above issues.

We will put out a bulletin Tuesday on the outcome of the meeting.  The executive will liaise with delegates from each location (closing centres) after the meeting to let them know what transpired.

Compulsory Drug Treatment Centre

The Compulsory Drug Treatment Centre is going through a restructure which changes their staffing profile.  CSNSW is stating it is not benchmarking but references benchmarking in documents.

We believe the P28s is not being completed in the same way carried out under benchmarking and we would like the same process and documentation as other centres got in the benchmarking process.

This matter went before the IRC on Wednesday of this week before Commissioner Murphy.  The following was the outcome:

  • Risk assessment carried out with a PSA representative
  • Meeting to take place re SAS and SCO ROCI – next Wednesday
  • Documents requested by PSA to be given by 31st October.
  • PSA respond back 4th November.
  • P28 looked at in regards to one post – states 7 days but the formula is only for 5 day
  • P28 looked at in regards to FM structure – relief component
  • VOR process like other centres be carried out – not a VOR in the first instance
  • Report back to the IRC 6th November.


We will continue to work with the delegates at CTDC and will update members as developments transpire.

KDWJ Award Meal Money – Industrial Relations Commission

We are before the Industrial Relations Commission Monday 28th October, 2019 in regards to CSNSW stating they will no longer pay Meal Money to staff who work additional hours past 6pm, but do not do a full double shift (8hrs) at the KDWJ centres. The case is set for two days.

A bulletin will come out after the court matter.

Long Bay Hospital VORs

On 18th October, 2019 we attended the Industrial Relations Commission as CSNSW took us there due to Long Bay Hospital not accepting VORs.

In all discussions throughout benchmarking, centres were informed that VORs would be few and far between as the 195 formula factors in a relief component for certain leave i.e. sick leave, recreation leave, Extended leave etc.

The Commissioner ruled that VORs can take place.  However, we were to work on a solution to have a set VOR for the centre, so staff knew what would happen depending on the reduction of staffing.


Long Bay Hospital always has a large number of vacancies that cannot be filled due to the freeze, which is causing a high number of VORs.

A meeting was determined to take place on Tuesday 22nd November, 2019.  There were delegates present from LBH and they were able to put their case forward and get a better VOR than what was first presented to them.

This will take place for a 4-month trial and all staff in LBH are encouraged to send any issues to LBH management to be placed on the issues register.

We will continue to assist the delegates on this matter when needed.

Casual to Permanent

There have been a lot of casuals who applied for permanency back in February of this year.  In this application, casuals were asked to supply 2 referees.  We have been informed that the referees that were supplied in some cases did not get contacted to supply a reference and casuals have been not accepted into the talent pool.

We raised with CSNSW that the casuals that we know of have never been spoken to on their performance, sick leave is acceptable, have been long term casuals and on long term TEs.  We informed CSNSW that we do not agree with the process.  Any staff member should be informed of their work performance if poor and we want those casuals recognised and placed on the talent pool.

We are waiting on CSNSW’s response.  If it is not favourable, we will look to see if the matter can be lodged in the IRC.

If you applied and you are one of the casuals mentioned above who was not successful in being placed in the talent pool can you email Nicole.jess@justice.nsw.gov.au and give the following information:

  • Commence date as a casual
  • How many TEs you have had and where?
  • Have you ever been spoken to re: your performance?
  • Any sick leave taken when on a TE?
  • Were your referees contacted?

We will put out a bulletin when we have more information.

Management of Inmates – Acute Crisis or Behavioural

South Coast Correctional Centre received an inmate early this year that was still exhibiting severe self-harm tendencies.  South Coast Correctional Centre was not benchmarked to accommodate inmates of this nature and they do not have a 24hr Justice Health Service.

Whilst there, the inmate assaulted staff who then charged the inmate via the Police. This was dealt with in the court system, but the inmate was dealt with under the Mental Health Act.  So basically got off with no extra sentence.

A meeting was called as members were not happy with the outcome, especially when in reality the inmate should never have been sent to that location.

At the meeting the delegate from South Coast and the delegate from Long Bay Hospital put forward great arguments about the resources that are lacking for staff in managing these inmates.

We currently have an inmate at Shortland Correctional Centre who is exhibiting the same tendencies.  This inmate was a new reception and had been there for some time due to no availability at Long Bay Hospital or MSPC 1-3.  Also, this centre does not have a 24hr Justice Health Service.

The PSA/POVB wrote to CSNSW on this matter and stated that we want extra resources – staffing, equipment etc. for centres that do not have wings/unit specific for the housing of these types of inmates.

Shortland has done a motion asking for extra resources whilst housing this inmate.  We are waiting on the response back from CSNSW.

If the response is not acceptable to the membership, we will lodge the matter in the IRC.

Contact Details

Nicole Jess
Chairperson  0427 609 199

Jason Charlton
Vice Chairperson     0401 500 976

Amanda Cotter
Secretary      0404 042 600

Thor Sutherland
Assistant Secretary  0447 633 476

Darren King
Country Vice Chair   0407 935 039

Natalie Howes
Country Vice Chair   0407 011 441

David McCauley
POVB Industrial Officer      0419 022 767

David Bartle
POVB Industrial Officer      0418 425 976

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