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Protecting jobs: PSA and Powerhouse in the IRC

PSA and Powerhouse IRC - June 2020

As you would be aware the PSA lodged a dispute with the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) in relation to the pending closure of the Heritage Core part of the Powerhouse Museum.

The basis of the dispute is the PSA’s view that management have not properly consulted with the PSA over the first stage Museum closure impact on employees’ jobs.

The PSA estimates up to 120 employees will have their work impacted by the first stage closure.

Under s.65 of the Crown Employees (Public service Conditions of Employment) Award 2009 the employer is obliged to consult with the union on change that significantly impacts on employees.

The PSA is seeking:

  • That the closure of the Heritage Core be deferred in line with earlier expectations to enable proper discussions regarding this matter, particularly as it relates to employees of the organisation.
  • That the Powerhouse provide the PSA with a Change Management Plan and appropriate detail relating to those affected and that this include casual, those on fixed term contracts, and any ongoing employees (if any).
  • That those on fixed-term contracts be extended for the course of these discussions.
  • That other opportunities be explored and canvassed by the Powerhouse Museum to enable continued employment to occur for affected employees.
  • That if it reaches a point where options do not exist consideration be made to severance or voluntary redundancy payments for affected staff including fixed-term employees and casuals.

To date the PSA have been advised that a proposed Change Management Plan for discussion is yet to be signed by the Minister.

As a result of the matter being before the IRC on 11 June the parties are to meet on 17 June and report back to the IRC on 19 June. 

The first stage closure could impact up to 120 people’s livelihoods. The PSA is in the corner of those estimated 120 people to ensure their employment is protected.

You can read further comments from the PSA’s Assistant General Secretary HERE.

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