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PSA seeking Judicial Review of Special Constables Decision

As detailed in our last bulletin, on Friday 7 June 2024 the Full Bench of the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) handed down a decision in the PSA’s Award application seeking an adjustment of salaries for Special Constables based on the value of work being performed.

The IRC ultimately granted salary adjustments of 2% to take effect from the first full pay period on or after 1 July 2023.  This effectively means any increase would be backdated to this date.

The decision also directs the parties to confer with respect to the addition of an allowance for Overwatch duties and other matters. Due to the manner in which NSWPF has approached the matter of salary adjustments for Special Constables, the PSA is requesting oversight from the Premiers Department.

You can access a copy of the full decision here.

The Campaign Continues – PSA to launch appeal

The PSA believes there are grounds to lodge a Judicial Review in the NSW Supreme Court, and we can confirm that we will be doing exactly that. We do not believe the above outcome recognises the value of the additional and more complex duties Specials Constables have been forced to undertake over the past 20 years.

Special Constables Deserve Respect

The decision to lodge an appeal against the judgment is a continuation of our campaign for fair remuneration for Special Constables. The only way to join the campaign is to join the PSA.  Non-members can join at

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