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Reform of senior and middle management equal further job cuts

The PSA is very concerned by the State Government’s decision to adopt reforms that openly target the jobs of senior and middle management in the NSW public sector. The move follows recommendations from the Public Service Commissioner and is based on proposals contained in the Commission of Audit report.
While the Government has attempted to argue that the reforms will boost front line services, the changes are in fact nothing more than the latest wave of attack on public sector jobs and employment security. The changes also target the professionalism, capacity and integrity of these positions and the public sector itself. The PSA is writing to the Public Service Commissioner requesting an urgent meeting regarding the reforms which are only stage one in what will be a review of the public sector by the Public Service Commissioner.
As we believe further significant changes are being considered by the Government, urgent meetings with members are being arranged to develop a co-ordinated response.
The first will take place in Tamworth on Tuesday 5 March.
Local workplace groups are encouraged to meet informally to identify local impacts so far.
A PSA response team is being formed and updates will be provided.

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