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RMS – Meal allowance for court attendances

RMS – Meal allowance for court attendances – December 2018 (PDF version)

The long-awaited decisions on meal monies for court attendance have been finalised. The decision is the RMS will recognise COIs as field workers making them once again subject to the payment of meal monies for attendance at court. The PSA is appreciative the RMS has seen sense in our previous arguments.

Members are advised that if they attend court and are unable to take their lunch with them due to the limitations of the Court, such as no ability to take food into the court and no meal facilities at the court (not a cafeteria or a restaurant), they are to purchase their lunch and seek a claim for reimbursement in accordance with clause 20.2. Meal Allowances.

The clause provides some elements that must be met for a meal allowance to be paid.

If you have previously been directed to court proceedings as part of your duties and have not claimed this allowance, now is the time to seek re-imbursement.

Below is a copy of the specific clause.

20.2 Meal Allowances

20.2.1         Meal allowance and break while travelling

(a)   Employees are entitled to claim a meal allowance when travelling on RMS business if they:

(i)    return to their headquarters or place of residence on the same day;

(ii)   have a meal break of at least 30 minutes away from their residence or headquarters; and

(iii)   incur an expense in obtaining the meal.

(b)   Employees shall receive meal allowances at the rates contained in Item 1 of Schedule B and subject to the following provisions:

(i)    Breakfast – the journey must have commenced before 6am and at least one hour before the Employee’s normal starting time;

(ii)   Lunch – when Employees are required to travel a total distance of at least 100km on the day and take their lunch break at least 50km from their normal headquarters.

However, Employees whose position requires them to undertake work in the field and are regularly required to take lunch away from their nominated headquarters shall be entitled to a lunch allowance if lunch facilities are not available;

(iii)       Evening meal – the allowance may only be claimed when the meal is taken after 6:30pm.

Please note there is no requirement as part of this process to produce receipts.

If there any queries in relation to the above notice, contact your local Heavy Vehicle Steering Committee delegate.

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