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School Psychologists: Flexible working arrangements and critical incidents

School holidays: Flexible working arrangements

Department of Education (DoE) employees have access to flexible work arrangements; read more HERE.

School Psychologists can request the ability to work from home or a DoE office location during school holidays. The “If not, why not?” statement by the NSW Government stipulates that if an employee’s request to work flexibly is denied, the employee must be provided with the reasons why not. These must be reasonable.

As School Psychologists can perform their work effectively from home or a DoE office location, there is no reason why you should be forced to work from school during the holiday period.

If you are required to work at school during school holidays for a legitimate reason, a working alone risk assessment must be conducted which considers the work as well as health and safety implications of working alone. For example, this may include ringing or texting your Principal each day when you arrive and leave the school.

Critical Incidents Counselling Service

The PSA has been involved in extensive discussion and consultation with DoE regarding the Critical Incidents counselling service during school holidays.

Members are reminded that you can choose to “opt out” of the critical incidents roster during the school holidays if you have plans to do other work in the holidays and/or do not feel confident in participating. Read more HERE.

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