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Service NSW – member update

Service NSW member update – September 2017 (PDF version)

Driver Tester update

The last PSA bulletin reported the actions of your union in the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) around the changes to rostering for Driver Testers in Service NSW, and the resulting increased consultation. Click HERE to read this bulletin.

Initial feedback to Service NSW

In the first IRC appearance, Service NSW was instructed to provide draft rosters for five Service Centres so preliminary consultation could occur.

After consultation with the members in these sites, the PSA provided initial feedback to Service NSW. This included the reaction of Driver Testers, concerns about the lack of choice in some sites, concerns about staff shortages, the need for more training and work overload arising from shorter working days.

In addition, the PSA submitted a preliminary proposal, which was also tabled in the IRC:

  1. That the implementation of any changes to the rostering system be delayed until thorough and proper consultation is undertaken.
  2. That all vacancies created by staff departures in Service Centres are filled prior to the implementation of any rostering changes.
  3. That a full analysis and round of training be undertaken prior to any changes which would result in Driver Testers being required to work Saturdays.
  4. That consultation includes consideration of the number of tests that will be required to be undertaken by Driver Testers on a daily basis.
  5. That, if rostering changes are to go ahead, that four choices are given to Driver Testers, each of which including 70 hours over a two-week period :
    1. Monday to Friday over 10 days.
    2. Working every second Saturday over 10 days.
    3. Monday to Friday over 9 days.
    4. Working every second Saturday over 9 days.

This feedback was also tabled in the IRC, and we expect that consultation will continue around these and other points as the changes are implemented.

IRC ongoing

You union, the PSA, returned to the IRC on Friday 15 September for the third hearing of this ongoing dispute.

As previously reported, the Chief Commissioner has conceded Service NSW has the right to change to two-week rostering. However, as a result of member feedback and your union’s actions, the following progress has been achieved:

  • The staggered implementation of rostering changes, with less than half of the 28 sites commencing with a changed roster from 22 September, and the remainder from 20 October.
  • The enhanced ability for Driver Testers to choose their preferred working pattern, and have their choice honoured.
  • Ongoing consultation on the impacts of the new rostering model as the changes are implemented.
  • The ability to explore other rostering models after the initial introduction of the changes.

Individual choice

As noted above, the ability of Driver Testers to choose between rosters of Monday-to-Friday or rosters including a Saturday has been reinforced through the IRC process.

Driver Testers should have already been given a choice, but now where the choice of a PSA member has not been honoured, the PSA has the ability to advocate on their behalf. We have already been successful when this has occurred, and rosters have been adjusted after members have approached us for assistance.

If you have chosen a roster pattern that is not honoured in a published roster, call the PSA on 1300 772 679 or email so your union can assist you.

Next steps

The dispute is listed to return to the IRC on 25 October 2017, with leave to relist if urgent issues arise in the interim.

In the meantime, the PSA will assist individuals, visit each impacted site, talk with members, and monitor the situation as the changes are implemented. Information that we gather through this process will be used in the ongoing consultation towards a final model for rostering for Driver Testers in Service NSW.


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