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Sport and Recreation Stop the Secret Sell Off Protest

Sport and Recreation Stop the Secret Sell Off Protest – September 2016 (PDF version)

Stop the Secret Sell Off Protest

On Wednesday 21 September, Sport & Recreation members were out in force joining together with PSA members from LPI, TAFE, Trustee and Guardian, disability services, child protection, Government Records as well as other unions, community groups and politicians to protest Baird’s mass privatisation of NSW. The protest received some excellent news coverage on Channel 7 Sydney and Channel 7 Prime. You can see photos HERE and the 7 Prime story HERE.

In addition to speakers from Sport and Recreation, ADHC and LPI, the protest included a mock auction of TAFE, Sport and Recreation Centres, LPI, ADHC, and gaols by our Auctioneer “Moneybags Mike”. You can view media of the protest HERE.

The protest highlighted to the community Mike Baird’s relentless privatisation agenda. Constant pressure from the PSA and other unions, including our current Stop the Secret Sell Off media campaign, is also delivering results. The shine is finally coming off Mike Baird, and the public is beginning to form a realistic view of the Government’s ill-planned and risky attack on public services.

With the Government looking vulnerable, now is the perfect time to expose Baird’s Secret Selloff and use the leverage to fight for Sport & Recreation Centres to stay in public hands.

The following is an excerpt from the Sport & Recreation speech delivered at the rally by a dedicated and committed member:

Most people here today would have indelible memories of a Sport and Rec camp experience, whether it be a school camp, holiday camp, sports camp, respite camp, or cultural camp

Camps are run by highly qualified staff, trained to national industry standards. The majority of the instructional staff are teacher-trained and industry leaders.

Will private companies, chasing a buck, employ teachers or employ backpackers to look after campers? I think we all know the answer.

Will they care about the affordability of camps for kids with special needs? Will they subsidise camps for athletes with disabilities? Will they lower costs for school kids from the bush or out west? We all know the answers to those questions.

NSW should continue to FUND these unique programs rather than bemoan how much they cost – or worse still, make money from outsourcing them.

Sport and Rec camps support parents and teachers in unique OUTDOOR CLASSROOMS. Our kids actively learn in native Australian bush and aquatic environments.

It beggars belief that the Government is considering outsourcing these assets that are providing such VALUE to the people of NSW. Attendance is up and costs are down; 200,000 people a year use Sport and Recreation Centres.

As a community, we need more GREEN TIME NOT SCREEN TIME. We want to retain the public service before it all becomes SELF service.

We don’t want our families and children to view the world through screens. NSW Sport and Recreation camps help them EXPERIENCE the world. Walk it, swim it, paddle it, climb it, breathe it!

Don’t leave us gasping for Ayre, Minister Ayres.

Next Steps

The PSA met with the NSW teachers Federation (NSWTF) to discuss the proposed privatisation of the Sport & Recreation Centres. The NSWTF pledged their support to the PSA in aggressively campaigning against the NSW Government privatisation agenda to protect this iconic asset.

Click HERE to download a copy of the letter stating of the NSWTF intent to vigorously campaign against any moves by the NSW Government to privatise this important public service.

Click HERE to complete and submit a letter to Minister Ayres.

PSA members are also encouraged to be proactive and collect as many original signatures as they can on the petition below in the fight against the privatisation of Sport and Recreation Centres.

We must have original signatures on the petition, no photocopies, faxes or email. Post the petition to the Industrial Directorate at: Public Service Association of NSW GPO Box 3365 Sydney NSW by Monday 7 November.

The petition asks for the Legislative Assembly to legislate to prevent any privatisation, outsourcing, or leasing of Sport and Recreation Centres immediately.

Click HERE to download the petition

Click HERE to hear our radio advertisement as part of the Secret Sell Off campaign.

Click HERE to view our billboard on the approach to the Harbour Bridge.

Stop the Secret Sell Off Petition

In addition to the specific Sport & Recreation petition, the PSA is asking members to support our online petition calling on the NSW Government to:

  1. protect our valuable public services from privatisation; and
  2. Introduce “follow the money” laws for financial scrutiny and accountability.

You can sign this petition HERE.

For more information visit:

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