State Parliament December Joint Consultative Committee Update - Public Service Association

State Parliament December Joint Consultative Committee Update

State Parliament December Joint Consultative Committee Update - December 2020

The State Parliament Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) was held on Friday December 4 2020. The JCC was attended by PSA Industrial Staff, PSA Delegates and management representatives. The JCC was a trial format, broken up into matters impacting all staff, matters impacting DPS PSA members, and matters impacting MoPS PSA Members. This allows strong representation for both areas of staff, while allowing focus on shared goals. Below are the unofficial PSA key points of the JCC:

All staff matters

  • The Friday 25 September 2020 JCC Minutes were agreed for distribution. A copy can be found HERE
  • A compliance officer position aims to be established in 2021. The role will handle integrity complaints regarding members of parliament (e.g entitlement use).
  • Steps are being taken to manage workplace fatigue. If a member feels their fatigue is a risk to their health and safety, they should contact management and go home.
  • A reiteration that the People Matter Survey is private and confidential. All PSA members are encouraged to complete this survey.
  • If PSA members have low leave balances, and cannot work from home over the Christmas shutdown, we advise they submit a request to work to management. These requests will be considered on a case by case basis. The PSA can assist with this request. Christmas leave questions are answered in this PSA bulletin HERE.

DPS matters:

  • The DPS structure has been finalised. Management will transition to making it permanent. The PSA provided feedback and consultation on this structure. Based on member feedback, the PSA sought clearer communication practices future restructures. The PSA will continue to monitor this in future restructures.
  • The PSA raised concerns about the number of cleaning staff. The PSA raised specific concerns regarding how COVID-19 has stretched current cleaning resources too thin. Management has undertaken to meet with DPS cleaners to discuss this further. The PSA continues to seek an increase in secure, ongoing cleaning positions.

MoPS matters:

  • The PSA requested management continue to work through the MoPS Pay and Entitlements Consultation document through 2021. The PSA will continue to advocate for a strengthened MoPS determination. You can read the MoPS Pay and Entitlements Log of Claims HERE.
  • The issue of MoPs excess leave balances was raised. The PSA acknowledged that MoPs are on call, and frequently work excess hours. This matter will continue to be worked through in 2021.

The next JCC will take place in March 2021. Additionally, PSA members will soon receive the 2021 PSA Members Meetings and AGM. These meetings will precede JCC’.

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